About Products

a few words about the lighting products we use to save you energy.

Innovative Energy Conservation has the ability to design projects using lighting products from all of the major manufacturers including Philips, GE, Advance, Sylvania, Universal LT, as well as others. These manufacturers all supply quality products that vary slightly and are more/less advantageous based upon a building’s individual audit. IEC’s software analysis of the audit enables different manufacturer’s data to be employed for calculations yielding the highest possible energy savings. We are not locked into any single line of products, thus enabling the diversity that sets our designs apart from the rest.


Types of Products

What lighting products save you money?
It depends! While an electrician may just tell you to use an LED light or a T5 fluorescent, these choices may not always be correct nor the best choices economically. An uninformed choice can also effect maintenance costs as well as the levels and quality of light. That is why we engineer each and every fixture that gets put into a project. With engineering designs encompassing linear fluorescents, compact fluorescents, halogen, cold cathode, induction lighting, LED, linear T5, Pulse Start HID, as well as others, IEC remains at the forefront of using the most energy efficient materials available while not using products that have not been thoroughly tested and proven within the industry.

Dual-Technology occupancy controls, vacancy controls, photocells, daylight harvesting controls, bi-level controls, timers, time-clocks and dimming systems are all further means of garnishing improved energy savings depending on customer needs and wants. These types of project inclusions often provide the customer with the “special” feel of getting the most out of their energy saving project – a clear demonstration that saving energy “one watt at a time” is the ultimate goal.


Some of the Quality Lighting Manufacturers that We Use.
We strive to always use the right product for the right project. We will not install a lighting product unless it makes sense from all perspectives: quality, initial cost, operating cost, and maintenance cost.